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Promoting a healthy body, a calm mind and overall wellness.

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Who we are

Your Sacred Space For Your Yoga Practice

We offer a fun, friendly space for yogis to practice, relax, exercise, rejuvenate and breathe at Y.O.M. 

What we do

Yoga Heals the Body & The Soul


A mental state of consciousness or awareness of the present moment.

Physical Improvements

Improves strength, flexibility, balance, posture and much more.

Quality Of Life

Aids in better sleep, mental health, stress relief, and boosting immunity.

We Welcome Yogis Of All Levels

From free classes for children, to student, senior, drop-in and monthly membership packages. Check out our pricing to see what works best for you. 

What we offer

Heated and Non-Heated Yoga Classes

Heated Yoga

Enoy your yoga flow with an added touch of heat.

Non-Heated Vinyasa

Classic Vinyasa Flow.

Restoritive Yoga (non-heated)

Yoga focused on opening up the body using passive stretching.

Gentle Flow Yoga

Slow things down and focus on your breathing and body sensations in this gentle flow.

Ready For a More Balanced Life?

Yoga is not about self-improvement, it is about self-acceptance.

-Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

Why Choose Us

We Promote Overall Health and Wellness

Our Instructors

Our friendly instructors welcome you warmly.


All of our trainers are certified and ready to help no matter what level you are, from beginner to expert.
About Us

Heated & Non-Heated Classes

Both class types re available.

Heated & Non-Heated Classes

We offer both types of classes to accommodate any yogiwho wishes to practice with us.
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Supportive Community

We want to see you thrive.

Supportive Community

Y.O.M. isn't just a yoga studio, we're a community of people who embrace and care for every individual we cross paths with.
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